Tax Preparation and Bookkeeping

Tax Preparation and Bookkeeping

Looking for tax preparation and bookkeeping? Look no further

If you’re looking for a certified tax preparer near me, we know you want someone you can trust to help you with your taxes. But what if we told you that the best way to get the most out of your money was to work with a team that could set you up for success well before tax season? When you choose the Clem Collaborative, we take a holistic approach to your finances – moving you further and faster towards your goals.

Our tax services take you from reactive to proactive

Most of our client relationships begin with filing a tax return. In an effort to optimize your result, we take the time to meet with you for an initial tax interview so we can understand your specific situation. Post-meeting, we work systematically through your return using a precise and finely-honed methodology designed to ensure that no tax-savings opportunity is overlooked. Upon your return, we review the completed tax return together to ensure that you have an understanding of how all the moving parts came together.

This same deliberate approach defines the entire client relationship, as we move into developing tax strategies designed to reduce the tax you pay and generate the result you desire. The U.S. Tax Code does more than simply provide the government with a way to pay its bills. It actually provides a roadmap to wealth creation – assuming you know where to look. As Enrolled Agents (the highest level of tax certification available), we use every bit of our knowledge to implement legal, ethical strategies to reduce the amount of tax you pay in the years to come.

Tax Bookkeeping

Are you worried that your lack of financial organization will prevent you from using the tax strategies designed to save you money? Not to worry, at Clem Collaborative we provide our clients with tax preparation and bookkeeping services. We believe in treating each aspect of your financial life as part of a unified whole so that we can help you move further and faster toward your goals.

Whether you are a business owner or an individual, accurate bookkeeping is more than numbers on the page. At the Clem Collaborative, we see bookkeeping as more than a mere compliance obligation – something that has to be done in order to file an annual tax return. We understand that the numbers tell an important story of opportunities to exploit and pitfalls to avoid, assuming you know how to “read” the “tale.”

We see the numbers on the page as an opportunity to explore not only where you are, but how you got there and where you are headed. By understanding the story the numbers your numbers are telling, we can see – in black and white – what’s working, what isn’t, what amazing opportunities are available to you, and what pitfalls lurk around the corner so you can make better, more strategic decisions about your money.

This also gives us insight into any money blocks you may have that are holding you back. Once identified, our money coaching program can help unblock the financial bottleneck, that after a decade in business, our experience has shown that virtually everyone has. Whether it’s too much debt, lack of a workable budget, or a disconnect in ideology between family members, these “blocks” can keep you from reaching your financial potential and feeling wealthy – not just in your bank account or lifestyle – but in your heart and soul. Our money coaching program helps our clients identify and heal those broken thought patterns around money once and for all.

At The Clem Collaborative, we don’t believe money can buy happiness, but having the right strategy can support you in doing more of the things you like to do with the ones you love the most.

We know you have many choices when it comes to tax preparation and bookkeeping. Give us a call at 843.214.2747 or schedule an appointment today to see if we’re a great fit.

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