Small Business Accounting Firms

Small Business Accounting Firms

Small business accounting firms have a wide range of offerings. Are you getting the bang for the buck that you deserve?

Money can either be saved, spent, invested, given away, or paid to the government in taxes. Not all small business accounting firms have the necessary experience or expertise to focus on each of these five facets.

Let’s break each of these down further.

1. Do your small business accounting services focus on saving?

At The Clem Collaborative, we offer wealth building services and money coaching. How do you know whether your investment decisions are based in logical strategy or based in subconscious fears about whether your money isn’t working hard enough for you? Don’t worry – this is a really common phenomenon, and our money coaching will help you bring more awareness and conscious choice to your money decisions, so you can feel confident and strategic about your finances. Not all small business accounting services offer support in the behavior mindset realm as it relates to your money. Here’s the thing: if our subconscious beliefs about money aren’t healthy ones, we find ways to sabotage our wealth. How unfortunate!

2. Do all small accounting firms near me focus on spending?

Unfortunately, no. Not all small business accountants take the time to do a full review of your expenses or have the expertise to see where your business may be overspending. A comprehensive review of expenses usually reveals an opportunity for reduction in expenses and thus, spending. At The Clem Collaborative, our wealth builders go line by line to gain a full understanding of each dollar that is leaving your business, asking whether it’s necessary and whether there’s an alternative that would be better for your bottom line. This kind of comprehensive review often reveals hidden fees and costs that business owners aren’t even aware they’re paying each and every month, or with every transaction. How costly!

3. Do all small business accounting firms focus on investing?

True wealth building is about making your money work harder for you, exponentially accelerating the impact of the action you’re taking. There are loads of ways you can invest in your business, your financial life, and your lifestyle/happiness. At The Clem Collaborative, we help you get clear on which investments will align best with your core values, and support the life you want to create and enjoy with your money. Sadly, not all small business accounting firms take the time to ask about what matters most to you and your business. Without a solid understanding of the goals and vision you have for your life, they’re really gambling with your investments. How careless!

4. Do all accounting firms ask what you’d like to give away?

In addition to charitable donations being good for business (and tax deductible), when aligned with the charities that are close to your heart, giving money away can make all the difference in feeling like your business is doing good in the community and in the world. When the bottom line is grounded in ways that make your money make you feel the way you want to feel, your business and life is a success. At The Clem Collaborative, we look at all the ways you want your money to work for you, inclusive of your values, desired feelings, and core vision for your life. It doesn’t have to be a lot, but if your small business accountant has never asked you about this, you’re missing out on an opportunity that’s both good for business and good for your heart. How short sighted!

5. Do your accountants keep up with the latest tax code and regs?

There are huge opportunities to minimize your tax burden, with a qualified expert combing through each line item of what you’re giving over to the government. But many small business accounting firms don’t have the experience or the expertise to save you the big dollars. At The Clem Collaborative, our tax professionals bring over 30 years of expertise working within the tax code and regulations and effectively applying it to the benefit of our clients to the fullest extent of the law. Essentially, you could be forking over hundreds or thousands of extra dollars to the government each year, simply because the person preparing your tax return reports an item on the wrong line. How unnecessary!

For more ways The Clem Collaborative is much more than your average small business accounting firm, set up a chat with us. We’d love to see how our holistic, full-service approach can support you and your goals. Call us at 843.214.2747 or schedule an appointment today.

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