Tax Person

Tax Person

Why Should You Hire A Tax Person?

As a small business owner, why should you hire a tax person?

After all, you’ve tightened up your bootstraps and figured out how to do everything else yourself. That DIY spirit fuels you to thrive as you overcome knowledge gaps and boundaries.

You love your organization, and you don’t fear putting in the extra time to learn all the necessary facets. It’s then no surprise that a third of small business owners work 50-plus hours a week, while a quarter put in 60-plus hours a week.

Still, you’re only human, and there are only so many hours in the day. On top of that, it’s impossible to keep growing without delegating.

Consider this: it takes 80 hours per year for a third of small business owners to do their taxes. Imagine how much more productive it would be if you could spend that time performing tasks that grow your brand.

Moreover, you aren’t a tax expert and are open to human errors that can leave you vulnerable to IRS-levied sanctions and penalties. Plus, you’ll miss out on opportunities to save money that the untrained eye can’t see.

Enter Clem Collaborative, home of the top tax person in Charleston, South Carolina.


What Is An IRS Enrolled Agent?

An IRS tax preparer has received the highest possible tax certification and is an enrolled agent.

At Clem Collaborative, our team of enrolled agents partakes in dozens of yearly educational and training hours to evolve and increase our standard of field-related excellence. Staying ahead of the curve ensures that we’ll have the tools to minimize the balance that small business owners owe when filing their taxes.

An IRS Enrolled Agent is proficient in:

In other words, we go beyond preparation at Clem Collaborative.

Yes, we’ll get you through this year’s return with all the t’s crossed and i’s dotted, saving you time and money and offering you peace of mind. However, our team plans a tax strategy for our clients, using a legal and ethical roadmap to reduce taxes owed year in and year out.


Who Should Hire An IRS Enrolled Agent?

Again, we’ll pose the question: why should you hire a tax person? Provided you own a small business, you’ve got many reasons to do so–the chief one being to protect your bottom line and bolster profits.

According to research, on average, sole small business owners pay 13.3% in taxes, while multiple owners end up taxed at a 23.6% rate.

Keep in mind that these numbers are merely averages. Small business owners who hire an IRS-certified tax preparer give themselves a legal roadmap toward protecting and increasing their wealth by minimizing their taxes owed over the long term.


What Can You Expect From Hiring Clem Collaborative? 

Before going any further, we must have the “tax preparer vs CPA” discussion.

Most small businesses don’t need a certified public accountant to prepare or plan their taxes. A CPA receives advanced education beyond the scope of what you need and will be too expensive to generate the return you seek.

Alternatively, a tax preparer is better qualified to meet your needs and is more appropriately priced.

Still, while a tax preparer is more cost-efficient than hiring a CPA, you don’t want to bargain hunt for your tax person. There’s too much at stake.

Once you hire Clem Collaborative, the goal is to take your business’s approach to taxes from reactive to proactive. Initially, we’ll file a tax return, but then our team meets with you to grasp your business’s needs to achieve optimal results.

After analyzing your business’s current standing and latest return, we apply our fine-tuned methodology to pinpoint every tax-savings opportunity available. We’ll then look over your completed return with you to explain what led to the current outcome and examine the necessary steps to reaching even your loftiest tax-related goals.


Reach Out To Clem Collaborative And Have Peace Of Mind During Tax Time

So, why should you hire a tax person?

At Clem Collaborative, we’re setting an example of why hiring an IRS-certified tax preparer is the ideal solution for your small business.

We’ll find the savings opportunities that even the savviest accounting software can’t show you. Moreover, our focus isn’t merely on providing a one-and-done service. Instead, we’re a catalyst for small business owners to reach their long-term financial goals as promptly as possible.

Do you want a tax preparer whose purpose is to maximize your small business’s bottom line through a holistic approach? Then let’s collaborate! Call us at (843)214-2747 or fill out a form today.

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