Accounting Services

Accounting Services

We want to be your choice for accounting services.

Sure, a quick search for accounting services near me will produce a number of options. Do any of them come out and say they want to work with you? Collaboration is in our name, because at Clem Collaborative we believe that good accounting services for small business includes a rich collaboration between service provider and client. We want to understand your goals and your big picture why behind them, and we also want to know how our financial accounting services can do you the most good. Because your wealth is good for our community, and we live here too.

When you’re looking for accounting services near me, you’re not just looking for a place to drop off a shoebox of receipts. You’re looking for people that are happy to sit with you, talk with you, and truly understand your financial picture, and are fully committed to working with you to improve it. This is why at Clem Collaborative, we offer tax planning, tax preparation, financial planning and money coaching. We want to transform the way you feel about your money.

Accounting services for small businesses should mean more than data entry and printing forms.

Money isn’t everything, but when it’s in good order, everything else is freed of the stress that comes with worrying about finances. You’re a person with hopes and dreams for the future. You’re also a person with fears and anxieties about what the future could hold for you and your business. We welcome all of you. We’re real people too. We know that deep down, you care about your family, your customers, your community, and we want to give you back time and energy to serve them all better and more efficiently. It’s not always about investing more, but instead investing smarter. We also want to hear about your milestones, your upsets, and what bugs you, so we can collaborate and build a financial plan that feels supportive and a budget that’s full of hope.

At Clem Collaborative, we take the time to build a relationship with you. Not like some of those other firms where you’re told to just show up and take a number. How can they possibly advise you on what to do with your money, when they don’t know anything about your values and what you care most about? You’re not just a number to us, we’re in this for the long haul. Because when you feel valued, and see your financial picture taking the shape you want, you’ll tell your friends about us.

Financial accounting services that focus on where you’re at today and where you’re headed.

There’s no point in dredging up the past. Mistakes are part of human nature. Yet, shame surrounding money and financial mistakes of the past can haunt a person for years. We’ve seen it all, and it doesn’t have to be that way. At Clem Collaborative, we can help you forgive the past, find hope in your budget, and move towards your goals one step at a time. Our team provides financial accounting services that look at the whole picture. We look at your current expenses and where you could consolidate debt, save more, and spend smarter. We look at your current income and where you could invest strategically and earn more. At Clem Collaborative, our team of financial accounting services professionals, partner with you to take empowered action steps to create wealth and financial health so you can support the lifestyle you want, give to the causes that are important to you, and provide for the ones you love. It’s not always about making more money, but about making your money do more for you.

Accounting services, by hard-working Americans who know the U.S. Tax Code.

For more than 20 years, Steven Clem, an Enrolled Agent, has worked with high net-worth individuals, corporations, partnerships, estates, and trusts. He believes in “paying yourself more and paying the government less.”

Bill Lawitzke has more than 30 years of bookkeeping experience, studied Business Administration/Accounting, and committed his entire career to accounting.

For a full resume of expertise and professional experience, visit our team bios.

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