Tax Consultant Near Me

Tax Consultant Near Me

Tax Consultant Near Me

There are many reasons you might be searching “tax consultant near me”. You may be an individual looking for help on a tax return. Or perhaps you’re a small business owner who needs someone to run the books for them. Maybe you have some new investments but are unsure how to properly address them on your tax return.

Whatever your reason is for searching for a tax consultant the Clem Collaborative in Charleston, SC will be the perfect fit for any reason you need tax help.

Income Tax Consultant Near Me

For many people their first entry to working with a tax professional is through income tax and tax return preparation. One of your chief concerns may be about cost. Where can I find the cheapest person to do my taxes. Our philosophy is are you paying enough for tax preparation?

In most other important areas in life you wouldn’t think to ask for a discount. Think of asking for a discount cardiologist? The idea sounds silly and yet people often confuse all tax preparers as essentially the same. Most people might search “tax consultant near me” and choose the cheapest option they find.

Now we’re not above a good and fair deal, but when you ask someone to handle something as important as your money, you want the best. As Enrolled Agents (the highest level of tax certification available) our Charleston, South Carolina based tax preparers engage in dozens of hours of training and education every year – all to ensure that when it comes to YOUR tax return, we have the tools to maximize your refund or minimize your balance due, each and every time.

Tax Advisor Near Me

Tax preparation is all about what happens before and during the tax season, but what is your accountant doing for you the rest of the year? In fact, when was the last time your tax advisor said, “here is an idea that I think will save you money?”

Once the Tax Return is completed, we shift our focus from preparation – which is the process of putting the best spin on what has already happened, to tax planning – which is the process of creating and implementing legal, ethical strategies to reduce the amount of tax you pay in the years to come.

If you really want your money to work for you, think about hiring a tax advisor. We serve beyond the Charleston, SC area and are available for video conferencing.

Tax Advising, Consultancy, and So Much More

We understand that most people contact us because they have tax questions during the tax season, but it is our belief that you’ll appreciate the work we do with you so much that you’ll want to stick around longer.

Here are a few other ways we can help your money work for you.

VFO / Bookkeeping

It is common for business owners to see bookkeeping as something they have to do in order to file their annual tax return with no real ongoing value. Nothing could be further from the truth. In reality, the numbers tell an important story of opportunities to exploit and pitfalls to avoid, assuming you know how to “read” the “tale.” We are bookkeepers who can help you shape what kind of story your business is telling.

Financial Planning

Research shows us that – despite throwing money into 401Ks, IRAs, Savings Accounts, and cramming it under the mattress, the vast majority of Americans will be woefully unprepared for retirement. This is largely because they don’t know how much they need to accumulate. At the Clem Collaborative, we begin with the end in mind, by helping our clients create not only a Master Goal, but achievable, trackable targets for along the way.

Money Coaching

We’ve seen a lot of different people over the years and we’ve seen some common threads emerge in every household. Our experience has shown us that virtually everyone has some sort of financial “bottleneck” that is keeping them from reaching their financial potential. This may be too much debt, lack of a workable budget, or a disconnect in ideology between various members of the family. Regardless of the issue, our Money Coaching program allows us to help our clients identify – then defeat – those financial “demons” and break through the bottleneck once and for all.

You may have found us by searching for a tax consultant near me, but we’ll help you not only handle your taxes, but your financial future empowering you to feel in control of your money and your future.

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