Who doesn’t like a good story?

As children, nothing was quite as exciting for me and my sister as Story Time. In our household, after
baths were taken, teeth brushed, and pajamas donned, we would settle into bed as Mom or Dad would
open a book and spin a tale of a magical world far away. Fearsome dragons, brave heroes, and damsels in
distress all featured prominently, and our hearts would pound as we listened to learn if the spell would
be broken, if the evil-doer would be vanquished, and if the story’s end would be happy. (Spoiler alert – it
always was!)

As adults we may not be as fascinated by stories of warriors and princesses as we once were, but we can
still enjoy a good tale. However, we rarely think to look to our own business records as a storyteller!
The reality, however, is that numbers DO tell a story. When you generate a P&L Statement (or Excel
spreadsheet, or – let’s be honest – tally up your inflows and outflows on the back of an envelope) you
probably focus on the Net Result – is there money left over (i.e. profit) or are you in the hole? And I
don’t want to suggest that it is not important, because it is. But it’s also just the RESULT – that number
may tell you where you are, but not how you got there, and certainly not where you are going.

What if there was a better way? What if you could divine a story from the numbers – one that would tell
you, in black and white, what’s working, what isn’t, what amazing opportunities are available to you,
and what pitfalls lurk around the corner? Would having THAT information help you make better, more
strategic decisions about how you run your business?

Of course it would.

And that is what The Clem Collaborative delivers with our VFO Program. For we don’t believe in mere
bookkeeping – tallying the numbers and spitting out a result. Rather, we believe that what every
business ~truly~ needs is a Virtual Financial Office. A team of people who will not only tally the numbers,
but who will “read the tea leaves” and relay to you the story that your numbers are telling. And, in so
doing, provide you with the strategic information you need to move your business further and faster
towards its ultimate potential.

If this sounds like it might be of interest, follow the link below.

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